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Holz Pichler 60 years of success in the wood industry

Back in 1946, the industrious and versatile company belonging to Hans Pichler, from the Val d'Ega, also known as "Ganischgerhans", successfully travelled the "wood path", ingeniously and incisively setting the basis for a flourishing sawmill and wood processing plant.

Armed with his professional and personal experience acquired first as horse dealer and then as Alpine summer herdsman, Hans Pichler from Nova Ponente founded his sawmill together with an expert partner, Aldo Reni from Guastalla in Emilia.

Soon after production start in 1946, using ultra-modern (for the time) band saws, the sawmill achieved the considerable capacity of about 6,000 m logs per year, offering secure employment to 12 workers and 1 clerk.

One year later, for family reasons the partner emigrated to South America, leaving the company in the hands of Hans Pichler as sole administrator. In 1965 Hans Pichler's son Erich entered the company, taking over its management in 1976.

In 1966 the company suffered the complete destruction of the sawmill (as shown in the photograph below) by flooding. With great will and diligence and the help of the entire staff, the plant was rebuilt and completed in the years 1967-1968, reaching a capacity of about 8,000 m logs per year. This led to an increase in personnel that, together with the planing mill, rose to 17 workers and 2 clerks.

In 1984 the sawmill began to be upgraded by the progressive purchase of increasingly more modern equipment. See " Company facts for the level of output and employees today.

Company facts for the level of output and employees today.

Holz Pichler SpA

I-39050 Nova Ponente
Ega - Stenk 2
Val d'Ega (BZ) - Italy

Tel. +39 0471 610121
Fax +39 0471 610222

VAT N.: IT 02525110215

Hans Pichler
The company founder,
Hans Pichler.

Hans Pichler mit Erich, Robert und Ingrid
Hans Pichler with his children
Erich, Robert and Ingrid.

Das vom Unwetter 1966 zerstörte Sägewerk
The flood-stricken
sawmill in 1966