Profile Cover

Since many years, we supply the most important European profile manufacturer with our straight carrier material.

This ensures a trouble-free production and prevents expensive junk after the installation of the cover.


Our products for diverse applications in the area of cover.

Picture Frames

Finger jointed and, on request, widely glued carrier material made of light, low-fat mountain pine or fine-pored spruce from the alps. Ideal for planing of complex profiles and subsequent finishing with exclusive surfaces. Cut as board goods or four-sided sharp or rather diagonally. Additional products for profile cover

Profile Strip

Finger jointed carrier material for the cover with film, veneer or hard varnish. Fine-pored spruce from the alps ensure straight strips and reduces junk after finishing. Also available as massive, continuous moulding in beech or lime wood types. Additional products for profile cover.


We supply the biggest European strip manufacturer with carrier material made of fine-pored finger jointed spruce for cover. Our straight strips und perfectly closed dovetails reduce your junk after finishing. As equalized blank or as precisely planed strip. Additional products for profile cover